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Game of Thrones

The philosophy about the KhanChess multiplayer variant.

Well it's simple. No extra fairy pieces. No real special chessboards. A 10x10 chessboard/checkersboard is considered by me as rather common.

The only thing you need is an extra set of regular chess pieces. Depending on whether you are with three or four players.

We do have some rules at this moment but won't publish them yet. The end game doesn't run very well so we have to think that through. But we do have a name..... Yep it's got to be Game of Thrones. (LOL)  Multiplayer KhanChess will do fine.

Here I just publish some ideas that are not killed in the creative process of making the multiplayer.

We have come so far that in a multiplayer khan chess variant all pawns are Subedei pawns. That's because directions don't matter anymore.

Also the King has to be executed a checkmate won't do. You can win by becoming a KingSlayer or a Khan. Where in a two player game of KhanChess you win by checkmate or Khan.

Most probably there also will be more than one variant. But also the idea of a combined yasak and serbest runs through my mind.

The place where your King wins the game and standing in a non checked position is called the .......

To be continued.....

Kind Regards

Mehmet Ozdemir