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10x10 Chess Variants

Mehmet Özdemir

Inventor of KhanChess

Mehmet Özdemir in Aksehir, Konya, Turkey

David Smits biggest KhanChess fan.

David Smits Big Fan of Khan Chess


KhanChess® is a registered trademark and Khan chess is copyrighted. 

We are two recreational players for more than over 25 years with an above average interest in history. In the year 2012 we were experimenting that resulted in Khan chess. 

The pawns in classic chess needed more flexibility. We used the flexibility of the mongol warriors for the pawns.

Founder and developer of the games: Mehmet Özdemir

Testers of the games: Mehmet Özdemir & David Smits

Website design: Mehmet Özdemir

Website text English and Dutch: Mehmet Özdemir

Website text Turkish: Mehmet & Selma Özdemir and very much appreciation to Esin Kwakkel