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10x10 Chess Variants

To be knighted or not to be knighted!

When you play a lot of different chess variants you probable came across chess pieces that had the ability of a knight added to them. I always have the problem of distinguishing them by their shape. Very often you have to buy these special pieces. To solve these two problems you can knight your existing pieces. You recognize them easily and you don't have to buy them. (If you already have an extra set of chess pieces)

How to properly knight chess pieces! Or adding the Knight's movement and capturing abilities to a chess piece.

It's simple. How do you knight in real life? People get some kind of ribbon. Well if you add some kind of ribbon to a chess piece it becomes knighted.

You just add a knight's movement and capturing abilities to that chess piece. Loot at the picture below. Just right away you know how the pieces move and capture!

To be U Knighted

In KhanChess you normally don't play with these special pieces but if you really want to play with some or all of these pieces consider that they are very strong and that you and your opponent should probably use a non standard King's Landing for Yasak and Serbest. You can use them as extra pieces. A knighted king is not the king!