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10x10 Chess Variants

Chess variant: "Perdesiz"

Black presses the clock and white places/loads a piece on his own half. Than loading is done alternately on one's own half. Everytime a piece is loaded to the board the clock is pressed. This resembles how Big Board Chess another 10 x10 variant is played in the initial set up phase. Difference is of course that with khan chess you don't need extra fairy" pieces and your bishops can be placed on the same color.

Placing or loading is done alternately in these grand chessvariations (perdeli and perdesiz) onto your own half of the board

When in the initial loading phase there is "No separation" in the middle. You can see how your opponent loads.

For the Perdeli and Perdesiz chess variations the KingsLanding is up and including 5th. (KL 5)

There is no specific order for loading your chess pieces in our khan chess variations.

The King is place last in the perdesiz.

Veni vidi vici Khannnn! Enjoy

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