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10x10 Chess Variants

Chess Variant: The Serbest (allowed)

Chess  variant 10x10 in which you place a piece on the board or you move a piece that is already on the board

In your own turn you may place any piece anywhere on the board or move a chess piece that is already on the board when moving a piece capturing is allowed.

The king in this variant may even be placed first on the board. Capturing is "Serbest". Moving is "Serbest". Placing your king is “Serbest”.

Your opponent is not obliged to place his king after you've placed yours. He can give you check but you can’t check him. But on the other hand you are already trying to become Khan he can’t. He will be busy stopping you. But remember if he can stop you, he's counter attack will probably be stronger.

Kings Landing

Chess variant 10 x 10 in which the Kings Landing is standard up to and including the 7th line from your own perspective.

Also remember if you keep moving and the opponent keeps placing he's getting an advantage on the board. The king can’t be placed on the last three lines from you own perspective. We say the "Kings Landing" is up to and including the 7th line. Only in advance and with mutual consent the "KingsLanding" can be up to and including the 8th line. When playing a Kings Landing on the 8th line it can be over very quick. We do recommend a Kings Landing on 7 or less.

If your king is placed, the opponent may immediately give you check. But he is not allowed to give you check by placing a new piece adjacently placed against your king. He can give check by leaving one square in between with a new piece. Pieces that are already on the board may give him a direct check by placing the piece against him. It is possible that your opponent places a new piece directly against your king as long as it doesn’t check your king.

You decide when you place your king. Put him too early on the board and you will be checkmated. Drop him on a good moment and he becomes Khan.

Placing or loading is done alternately in this 10x10 grand chess variant onto the whole 10x10 board

Capturing and moving is immediately allowed in this chess variation

There is no specific order for loading your pieces in our khan chess variations. Even the king can land whenever you see fit to crush your opponent.

When a King has landed, remember that your opponent must leave one square open when checking you with a new loaded piece.

Your opponent can load a piece adjacently against your just loaded King. As long as this doesn't check you.

Veni vidi vici Khan! Enjoy

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