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10x10 Chess Variants

Chess Variant: The Yasak (forbidden)

The Yasak is a chess variant of KhanChess®. Chess pieces are placed on the board alternately.

The Yasak. The game allready begins with the placing/loading of the pieces. This chess variant is the most intriguing chess variant in ages. From the start it is intriguing. You have to puzzle to get a good spot for your King.

In this chess variant it can be "Game Over" just one move after the KingsLanding and you can only blame yourself.

When you have placed a piece you press the clock. All pieces may not capture or move till the kings are placed. Capturing is “Yasak”. Moving is "Yasak". All other pieces get their capturing and moving abilities after the placement of the two kings. The “Yasak” is lifted. Which piece you choose to place is up to your own insight there is no order in which you place your pieces. This yasak is the most intriguing of the four chess variants. 

Chess Variant the YASAK

Chess variation "Yasak" has a Kings Landing that is up to and including the 7th line from your own perspective.7)

The king (last chess piece to place) may be placed anywhere except on the last four lines from your own perspective and not be placed in places where he's checked. We say a "Kings Landing" is possible up to and including the 6th line from you own perspective. Sometimes it gets very tough to find a good place for your king. When a king has no place left to be placed without being checked he loses. The Yasak is played standard with a KingsLanding up and including the 7th line.

Grand Chess variants Yasak and Serbest can be played with different KingLandings.

Different Kings Landings

Only in advance and with mutual consent the "Kings Landing" can be up to and including the 7th, 8th 9th or even the 10th line. Due to its complexity the timers can be set to 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes.These different KingsLandings are in this chess variant a real game changer.

The "Yasak" and the "Serbest" are most certainly the most awesome strategic grand chess variants". We recommend for the "Yasak" chess variant that before the Kings Landing you take a picture of how things are standing on the board. This is to recall how things were so that you can play it again with a different Kings Landing.

Imagination and letting go of the openings theory is required to play these chess variants with the Khan element. Think different. Think 10x10! Be creative and let imagination take you everywhere just as in the quote of Albert Einstein.

Playing the YASAK on an 8x8 board. Claustrofobic!

Standard KingLanding also on sixth line from your own perspective. KL7 and KL8 will probably be more interesting. We have succeeded to prevent a Kings Landing on KL6. That's why it's claustrofobic.

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