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10x10 Chess Variants

Stratego Chess Variant: "Perdeli"

This is one of the two chess variant where one puts the pieces on their own half of the board.

It is not allowed to see the placing of the pieces from each other. In the middle there is a separation (Perde). This resembles of how stratego is played. You put all your pieces on your half of the board except for the king. When placing or loading the pieces one is only held to the following rules.

Pawn Rule or no Pawn Rule.

Pawns (including Subedei’s) may not be placed adjacently right in front of each other and not adjacently next to each other. They however can be placed obliquely to back each other up. (This is the same rule as in Big Board Chess)

You can also decide to let go of this pawn rule. This means that you can do as you please with the pawns.

Kings Landing

Kings Landing is up to and including the 5th line in this chess variation.

The first (fastest) player to have placed/loaded his pieces on the board (except for the king) in a contently position presses the chessclock. Time is running.

If the second player now has placed all its pieces (except for the king) and also in a contently way, he has to remove the curtain (carefully). The remaining kings are now placed alternately. The second player (the player whose time is already ticking) puts his king on the board (not in a checked position) immediately presses the clock after placement. Now player one places his king in a non checked position on the board and presses the clock. The game has begun.

If for some reason both players have placed/loaded the pieces in a contently way but both did not press the clock, "it's all about strategies" than black presses the clock for white (communicate with each other). White removes the separation and has to start placing his king and than presses the clock. Than black places his king. The game has begun.

Placing or loading is done in this chess variant onto your own half of the board. It's not done alternately!

When in the initial loading phase there is a separation in the middle. You can't see how your opponent loads and how fast he is loading. Just like Stratego. But the faster you place the more time your opponent is going to loose!!

All grand chess variants have a Kings Landing. For the Perdeli and Perdesiz the KingsLanding is up and including 5th. (KL 5)

There is no specific order for loading your chess pieces in our khan grand chess variations. The Kings are placed after the separation is removed.

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