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KhanChess chess variants

News in a nutshell.

The Standard Yasak Kings Landing is now on 7. That means both Yasak and Serbest are played with a standard Kings Landing on 7.

We are trying to develop a Multiplayer variant. But we stumble on some problems in developing a multiplayer chess variant. A game of thrones.

The importance of a good King's Landing!!

To knight or not to knight Do I buy new chess pieces or do I add a ribbon or hairband on to existing ones.

Knighted pieces

The philosphy of KhanChess

Four chess variants

Go immediately to the chess variants. Play them on a 10x10 board . Playing on an 8x8 board is perfectly possible.

The Most Fearsome of them All. Genghis KhanWhen you take a look at history you will come across very interesting kings, khans, rulers, emperors, generals, prophets or presidents like a Richard Lionheart, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Saladdin, Napoleon Bonaparte,  George Washington, King Saul, King David or a Genghis Khan. Men who ruled and dominated the world (or their region) and were active on the battlefield.

Compare these men with the king of  chess. Imagine the king being a person. With all respect the only conclusion can be that the king of chess is a coward in almost any chess variation. Most the time he doesn’t leave the first line. When in trouble he castles himself. Calls himself king but the real work is actually done by his lady, the queen. The queen has more value than a king! The only thing a king can do in classic chess variations is die!  There are even chess players who give up when their queen is captured. With classic chess variations we mean the fixed classic variations where you play chess from a fixed start position. They are all symmetric.

The King Promotes Khan

Can you stop the Khan!

When the Khan comes it is incredible difficult to stop him.

Four different chess variants and all have the KHAN!

can you promote your king to be a Khan!

When playing KhanChess variations the king is no longer a “sitting duck”. He doesn’t depend on his queen. Playing khan chess variations is where in he can be victorious. We of KhanChess® gave him his pride back. Have you ever played chess where a king was able to win the game? Probably not. Or at least died trying.

Khan chess variations are chess variations where you can win by directing your king through enemy lines to the last line. If you can put your king on the last line and you’re not checked when standing on the last line proclaim yourself  Khan. You win the game. Consider yourself like a Julius Ceasar if your opponent can't stop you. It's what he said "I came, I saw, I conquered". Khan chess is the most masculine form of playing chess after chess boxing.

We have tried to create totally different chess variations without altering the characteristics of all the chess pieces. The only piece that got a different character is the pawn. The piece with a new game play is the king. We also didn't want to add new chesspieces. We really think we succeeded. Because now we are Khan chess addicts.

KhanChess®: Mongol pawns ←↑→↓ & 1 or 2.

Pawns in classic chess are in a way a little bit useless. It’s nice in classic chess that they can promote. But how often does that happen? Classic chess pawns are offensive and defensive not at their best. In Khan grand chess they can’t promote but they can go all directions. To the right, left, front and backwards. One or two steps. From now on they are "Mongol pawns".

They can’t go diagonal (except capturing and just the adjacent diagonal squares). Two Mongol pawns are special they are called the Subedei pawns. They can capture backwards. But diagonal and just the adjacent diagonal squares. Mongol pawns and classic chess pawns capture the same except for two Subedei pawns (with the hairbands in the picture) they can capture backwards too.

Start postion for KhanChess using classic Chess Pieces

KhanChess® uses classical chess pieces.

All the other chesspieces have the same characteristics as in classic chess. Only the bishops have a very slight difference when playing the 10 x 10 variants. But to call it a different characteristic is too much. You can simply choose to have two white bishops or to have two black ones. One black or one white is also allowed. It all depends on your strategy what you choose to have.

We have developed four chess variations for the 10 x 10 board that are also playable on an chess 8 x 8 board. Go to the 10x10 variants.

Khan Chess for kids

KhanChess is not the hardest variant of chess. It's very easy to learn. If you know chess than you also know KhanChess.

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